Jerry Johansson

The Word Passed By, The Sun Was Going Down

A new record by The Jerry Johansson Quartet is being released in April, 2017. Jerry Johansson allows himself to travel deeper and deeper into the magical sounds of the electric guitar (in close conversation with his much loved Gibson 1955, jazz model). But, dear friends; this is not enough! Jerry now also plays a Coral Electric Sitar; an electric sitar of legendary status, which can be heard as a musical "spice" in many magical songs through the ages, from the sixties to now. But for the first time in history, Jerry really PLAYS the Coral as no one has ever done before! The music and sounds of Jerry Johansson Quartet is constantly expanding and overtly psychedelic in the very same instant.

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Grovjobb re-released on vinyl

Grovjobb, one of the long lost treasures in the Swedish progressive underground-music of the late 90's, are finally being re-released on vinyl! During their heyday, Grovjobb released three, nowadays much sought after cd's (on Garageland Records), which one and all consisted of magical songs and textures, all closely connected to dark forests and forces unknown hiding out in the Swedish woods.

Landet Leverpastej

Vättarnas fest

House of Hope

A suite composed by Jerry, and recorded in concert at Röhsska museet in Göteborg. Different and varied themes wanders around in the dark and shadowy rooms in the very heart of chamber jazz. The mysteries of the West Coast Jazz are embroidered together, both emotionally and historically, between Göteborg and the American West Coast in a most natural way, in where the personal and imprint both runs and feels totally at home, spinning a red thread of dreams.

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