Jerry Johansson and a String Quartet from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Review from Other Music

Review from Other Music

Jerry Johansson, the undisputed Swedish champion of the sitar, presents two 25-minute pieces in collaboration with Camilla Wahlberg on tambura, and a string quartet from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Johansson composed and arranged all the music, which was recorded live in a church in 2005, blending Eastern and Western styles (including Swedish folk music) to utmost perfection.

The two pieces evolve and undulate slowly, with Johansson and Wahlberg taking turns in the spotlight, however, the music truly comes to life when they share centerstage. The sitar combined with the tambura creates an intense and mesmerizing sound, with the violin and cello quartet providing the perfect background.

Another highly recommended release by Kning, who's developing quite the track record with recent releases by Alvars Orkester, David Stackenas, Steffen Basho-Junghans, James Blackshaw, and others. [AK]

Other Music
Andreas Knutsen
(August 16, 2006)