Jerry Johansson - Mountain Flame

Since lately, Jerry Johansson now also allows himself to travel deeper and deeper into the magical sounds of the banjo, guitar and sitar. Banjo, this magical instrument, made up of five strings, and, through the ages, with close connections to both heaven and hell. But for the first time in history, Jerry really PLAYS the banjo as no one has ever done before! The music and sounds of Jerry is constantly expanding and overtly psychedelic in the very same instant. In short, The Inner Mountain Flame presents urban mountain music in the everpresent surroundings of now, 2020.

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Jerry Johansson Red - Never And Silence (About Illusion And Reality)

Jerry Johansson has done it again!
The Red congregation has turned even redder, with the tape recorder-needles signalling magical distortion. Not to worry, Jerry's new and totally glowing album expands all sounds and recordings done before by him. The magic glows, the electricity sparkles, the compositions shines through in their own enchanted right. Jazz-rock-fusion has never sounded like this before.
Jerry shows the way, and the rest is history.
What else?

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OUTERDISK is an imprint, initiated in the seventh month of the year 2017 by Dan Fröberg and Jerry Johansson, devoted to all original alien sounds and recordings, stretching from a distant future, as well as from an, by clouds, obscured past.
OUTERDISK now initiates a magickal record shop, filled with the sounds (and recordings) that once were around, but are no more.
OUTERDISK Headquarters (Ödmans Musik) Stigbergsliden 18, Göteborg, Sweden.