The legendary constellation Grovjobb now returns to the still existing worlds! After more than 20 years of silence, the group made their first appearance as "resurrected" at Psykstämman in the summer of 2023. They met a totally enthusiastic audience consisting of both old fans and new music lovers, and the magic spark was re-ignited. It can now also be revealed that totally New recordings are in progress, towards a brand new LP in the making. The excitement rises, and the goblins invite you to a party.

Grovjobb, one of the most magically shimmering instrumental groups from the underground progressive mire of the Swedish 90s, quickly established a reputation as a vibrant live band, but the group also released three critically acclaimed discs (on Garageland Records) that are now all sought-after collector's items. In addition, favourable reviews in the leading psychedelic publications of the day such as Ptolemaic Terrascope and Crohinga Well.

The new Grovjobb picks up where the old Grovjobb left off, under the sun the sun still shines, and the spell continues.

The heart and mind behind Grovjobb is the enchanting guitarist Jerry Johansson, also a sitar master and composer. Thus, much of his music is filtered through Indian-coloured glasses, with light clouds of Swedish folk music floating freely in the middle. The unicorns dance, the shadows thicken and the trees of the forest beckon. Illuminated songs, intricate arrangements and pulsating, ever-changing timbres mean that this return is not to be missed!

Jerry Johansson: guitar and sitar. Jesper Jarold: bass. Thomas Nyström: keyboard. Ola Jensen: drums.

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Grovjobb - Landet Leverpastej

Grovjobb - Vättarnas Fest

Grovjobb - Under solen lyser solen