Jerry Johansson - Book of Dreams

Review from Psyche Van Het Folk

I have listened a couple of times to this new piece of Jerry Johansson and I think his compositional technique has improved quite well. Much more than a sitar piece, which invisibly and in layers shifts into the orchestrated parts, the orchestra has equal share in the composition. At first they still are still tuning in that way as if the whole range of tonal qualities of the solo sitar is prepared and introduced by the orchestra. But then the orchestra shows also it's own share in the composition with at first a more independent melodic contribution (outside the tonal harmony perfection), sometimes in sections of horns/flutes, then the string quartet, later on melted in a combined range, and then combined with the sitar with only sparse a few more minimal ideas, but mostly being very classical in nature. The sitar piece itself is like a meditative, slightly sad late night raga, which builds up nicely and with energy, with a descriptive nature for the additional orchestra. A wonderful piece which brings you in a eternal feeling with inclusion of a time perspective and evolution.

Gerald Van Waes
(March, 2009)