Jerry Johansson Octet - Circles and Changes

  • 1. Circles and Changes Part I [6'04]
  • 2. Circles and Changes Part II [11'36]
  • 3. Circles and Changes Part III [8'27]
  • 4. Circles and Changes Part IV [3'58]
  • 5. Circles and Changes Part V [9'49]
  • Jerry Johansson - Electric guitar
  • Magnus Nilsson - Alto saxophone and clarinet
  • Lars Elf - Tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
  • Leif Selhag - Alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and flute
  • Rune Leander - Baritone saxophone and soprano saxophone
  • Stefan Johnsson - Trumpet
  • Jörgen Svensson - Double bass
  • Anders Winald - Drums

All compositions and arrangements by Jerry Johansson.
Recorded in performance at the Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, Sweden, on November 23, 2008.
Mastered by Jerry Johansson. Cover paintings by Dan Fröberg. Design by Mattias Nilsson.


Kning Disk, KD062, 2009.

Shortly after his highly acclaimed and warmly praised cd release "Book of dreams" (Kning Disk KD058), composer, and for this new release, guitar player, Jerry Johansson comes up with a surprise in his sleeve; a brand new composition for guitar and jazz octet.
Composed, played, executed and produced by Jerry Johansson himself and, for this occasion, his octet; a fine ensemble consisting of eight legendary Swedish jazz men!
After having explored Indian-Swedish themes and states with his sitar and a chamber ensemble from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra for his three latest releases, Jerry Johansson now turns his energies and skills to the directions and domains of jazz. At the same time, he switches his trademark sitar to electric guitar.
May we present the Jerry Johansson Octet; electric guitar, alto saxophone, two tenor saxophones, baritone saxophone, trumpet, double bass and drums. Various themes from the very soul and heart of big band jazz rotates around their own orbits; entwines together, changes shapes and forms, continues...
Ladies and Gentlemen, Circles and Changes.
The personal imprint of Johansson´s is as always totally present in this work also; east, west, jazz, classical, drones, joyful saxophones, birds, bees, birches, branches and sand.
Remembrances of previous magical Swedish jazz innovators flashes by with the speed of lightning; Lars Gullin, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Georg Riedel, Bengt Ernryd...
But, this must also be said, Circles and changes is in every sense a totally contemporary piece for jazz orchestra; created today FOR today and tomorrow and for all times to come.
Jerry Johansson wholly understands the knowledge of by allowing yourself the freedom to create new works, you both can and MUST be aware of the past and treat your musical heritage with respect and love; this is, after all, the collective musical memories of one and all!
Circles and Changes incorporates all this and much more. This is music for mind, body and soul!