Jerry Johansson Quartet - Circles and Changes

Review from Psyche Van Het Folk

Jerry Johansson I knew already well from his sitar with orchestra pieces, he is most known for his previous cooperations with progressive and jazzrock bands, of which I think the band Grovjobb was the most famous. Here he’s back into jazzrock. After 4 albums with orchestrated music with a raga structure I guess this must have left its marks and ideas from experience. This long piece in four parts starts from composed harmonic jazz themes on brass which are thoroughly taken over in lead by electric jazzguitar, building up in circular movements, finding a naturally formed highlight in energy, just like in an Indian raga, with its own sort of timelessness. Another great addition to Jerry Johansson’s catalogue, as a well structured jazz(-rock) concept,which is absolutely rewarding to check out.

Gerald Van Waes
(April, 2009)